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Vehicle Photography

Take a Ride

By March 16, 2016No Comments


©Neil Loomes – IMAGEOLOGY

Who wouldn’t want to go for a drive in this beast? This magnificently restored 40’s Ford would be a dream to ride around anywhere on a Sunday afternoon. This one of a kind car takes you back to checkered floored milk bars with booth seating and the smell of freshly cooked hamburgers.

Wikipedia explains “cruising is distinguished from regular driving by the social and recreational nature of the activity, which is characterised by an impulsively random, often aimless course”. In other words the fun of the trip is the journey rather than the destination. It doesn’t matter where you head in this car the sheer joy is just sitting behind the wheel and listening to the V8 motor howl in delight as you accelerate away from the lights. People stop, stare and whistle in admiration your ride and you tip your head in their direction acknowledging their appreciation.

Many hours of blood, sweat and tears are willingly poured into the rebirth of these old curved beauties. Transformed from rusted old forgotten shells to gleaming paint and squeaky fresh leather seats and enough horses under the bonnet to pull several stage coaches. What better way to remind yourself of a classic car like this than to have a professional photographic session from IMAGEOLOGY to capture the curves, colours and cubic inches, so you can hang it on your wall or create a brag book. You’d photograph your first born, what about your first build!