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Landscape Photography

Get Up, Get Going but Stop and Look

By April 1, 2016No Comments

Misty Sunrise

©Neil Loomes – IMAGEOLOGY

Some mornings it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. But sometimes it does.

The human internal time clock is naturally set to awaken after sunrise, so it always difficult to buck this trend and beat the daylight hours to start the day. Most times this is probably to get up and go to work to beat the ever-extending peak hour traffic. We are usually reluctant to throw off the bed covers and start the day with another bout of road rage from some lunatic that has to make up 0.3 of a second by cutting in front of you. All this bad karma can often take your focus off what is special about getting up early.

The half hours before and after sunrise can be the most magical time of the day and sadly we don’t always get to appreciate it. The air is clean and crisp, the birds just start their morning songs and the light has an ethereal quality to it.

The colours of the light at sunrise and sunset are the product of a phenomenon called scattering. When the sun is low sunlight has to pass through more atmosphere therefore extra molecules, which scatter the shorter wave length violet and blue rays. This leaves the longer wave length yellow, orange and red light spectrums for our eyes to enjoy early in the morning. Add a bit of mist, which is caused when warm moist air is suddenly cooled and the perfect morning scene is set.

Enough of the science lessons, lets just sit back, relax and enjoy the view when we have to opportunity to rise early and enjoy it. Beats any other stress reduction methods that I know of.